Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Day A Telemarketer Hung Up on Me

Yesterday a telemarketer called. I had a choice of pressing "1' if I wanted my credit card interest rate reduced. Feeling a little grumpy and thoroughly frustrated by the increase in these calls, I decided to press "1". When a real live person came on the line, I asked, "Does anyone there know how to read?" The telemarketer asked me to repeat what I had just said so I asked again if anyone there knew how to read. He cautiously answered yes. I said, "Good. Then read the national Do Not Call list because........" Slam. He hung up on me.

Ah, gee.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Charlie Too

Many, many years ago, my husband and I had a much beloved dog by the name of Charlie Brown. Charlie was a cross between a bassett and beagle. We referred to him as a bassgle. He was a character and after all these years, people still talk about him and of course, he is still very much alive in our hearts. My husband just had a birthday--- which is somewhat of a miracle considering what he went through in a six-week time span, starting on Valentine Day. He had a total hip replacement, two heart attacks, sepsis including a fever of 105 degrees, the C. diff infection, and finally, the implantation of a pacemaker. In that time span, he was in three different hospitals and two nursing homes. His health has improved greatly in the last three weeks and he is now settled in a nursing home for rehab and has set June 15th as his goal to make it home. To make that goal, he has to learn to stand and walk again. My sisters decided he needed a special birthday present so they gave him one of Melissa and Doug's plush animals, pictured above. His gift looks remarkably like our original Charlie Brown so he named his new companion Charlie Too.