Tuesday, May 01, 2012

High, Lilly. High, Lilly. How LOW!

I'm a diabetic and I've had a terrible time controlling my blood sugar lately.  In a nutshell, overall my sugar is too high but I also have scary lows.

I don't mean to take this lightly because both highs and lows are serious and one time or another, both have put me in the hospital. However, the low I had last night has to win the Comedy of the Year Award.

First of all, I should explain that when I'm in a sugar low, I become very confused and shaky.  So here's the scene in my bedroom this morning:
  • A half gallon of orange juice is on my nightstand.  (And no glass in sight)
  • Cookies are scattered all over the floor.  The cookie package is on my nightstand. 
  • My glasses are halfway across the room on the floor.
  • I'm wearing no pajama bottoms but I find them on the floor covered with orange juice.
  • There's a thick towel on the edge of the bed.  When I pick it up, I discover another wet orange juice stain on the sheet.
  • I'm not using my CPAP but the mask was hung carefully in the right place and the machine was still running.
I have very hazy memories of' the whole thing, but I think you could safely say that I did not handle this low very well.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Buffalo Bills Fans Show Their Colors

Molly, the little Shih Tzu shown above, is the frequent subject of my cameras.  Molly visits us almost every day and has been known to run away from home to come visit us.  Her mom, Kelly (also shown above) is a dedicated Buffalo Bills fan and she watches most of the football games with my husband.  We decided that Molly needed a little push in the right direction (she's secretly a New England Patriots fan) so we got her the official Bills jersey for Christmas.  Kelly already had her jersey.

Aren't they cute?