Tuesday, May 01, 2012

High, Lilly. High, Lilly. How LOW!

I'm a diabetic and I've had a terrible time controlling my blood sugar lately.  In a nutshell, overall my sugar is too high but I also have scary lows.

I don't mean to take this lightly because both highs and lows are serious and one time or another, both have put me in the hospital. However, the low I had last night has to win the Comedy of the Year Award.

First of all, I should explain that when I'm in a sugar low, I become very confused and shaky.  So here's the scene in my bedroom this morning:
  • A half gallon of orange juice is on my nightstand.  (And no glass in sight)
  • Cookies are scattered all over the floor.  The cookie package is on my nightstand. 
  • My glasses are halfway across the room on the floor.
  • I'm wearing no pajama bottoms but I find them on the floor covered with orange juice.
  • There's a thick towel on the edge of the bed.  When I pick it up, I discover another wet orange juice stain on the sheet.
  • I'm not using my CPAP but the mask was hung carefully in the right place and the machine was still running.
I have very hazy memories of' the whole thing, but I think you could safely say that I did not handle this low very well.