Saturday, July 25, 2009

Animal Manifesto

Mr. Ed, Keynote Speaker

We have more information for you about the rumored animal revolution. Now a covert convention is planned to discuss The Four-Legged Animal Unification Manifesto. Our sources tell us that some animal world bigwigs are expected to attend, including Lassie, Elsie, Puxitawny Phil, Mr. Ed, J. Fred Muggs, Polly (who says her wings count as feet), Garfield, Snoopy, Woody, Alvin and others.

Mr. Ed, as the keynote speaker, will reveal how Woody chipped away at the first letter of the original order, and as a consequence, humans ended up studying evolution and the animals were free to plan their revolution.

We will keep you informed as details become available.

"Aggressive Groundhog" --- Right?!

The AP wire had a story yesterday about a groundhog that overwhelmed a homeowner and took possession of a garage as its military headquarters. The poor owner was chased out by the groundhog and had to call for police reinforcements. When two officers arrived, the groundhog "went on the attack" and one policeman ended up on the ground. The other officer used pepper spray and they were able to catch the groundhog.

They called it an "aggressive groundhog". But we know what it really was---rodents have now joined the animal revolution.........

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Animal Rebellion Continues

As Ronald Reagan would say, "Here we go again." This time we have a new species that escaped human bondage. (Temporarily.)

Reuters reported that a British zoo had to be evacuated on Sunday because 30 chimpanzees escaped at lunch time, headed directly to a keeper's area where their food is prepared, and got their own lunches. The zoo had to be closed while the animals were rounded up. This is just one more incident that supports my theory that an animal revolution is underway.

Remember my posts citing a couple of situations where cows escaped? Then I posted a report on a swine escape. I just can't resist saying that these are mooooving experiences and that we humans cannot keep hogging the power or we are going to be left hanging with banana all over our faces.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Luck: Cause or Excuse?

I've been thinking about two couples I have come to know over the years. The couples differ in age, location, and backgrounds but share a history of always having money problems. They can't find secure housing and are always moving because of rent or mortgage problems. They never have a an operating motor vehicle for very long because it breaks down, or they can't afford the payments, repairs or the insurance. They are always scrambling for money for unexpected expenses and have borrowed from just about anyone who will loan them money. They have bad credit.

But I have noticed that they also share another significant characteristic---they are always talking about their luck which is, of course, bad luck in their minds. Their lot in life is caused by bad luck.

I have tried to figure out what role luck has had in my life and the lives of other people I know who have successful lives, whether modest or substantial. About the only example I can come up with is the coffee machine I won by placing an on-line order for coffee. I guess I have to credit my successes to hard work, persistence, education, determination and all those other attributes that earn you a pat on the head from teachers and parents.

Thank goodness I didn't wait for luck. One coffee machine wouldn't pay for a home, a car, insurance and peace of mind.

So back to the aforementioned couples. Has luck caused their problems? Or is that just an excuse?