Sunday, May 22, 2005

Sentimental Journey

Today, another cold and gloomy one, brightened considerably when we decided to visit the area where I grew up. There had once been a cluster of four homes in the middle of wilderness and oil wells. Only one of the houses remains. The two we had lived in are long gone. Instead of civilization crawling into the area, it seems to be creeping away.

Areas which were once swamp and occasional patches of dry land are now all under water. Canada geese and ducks currently bustle around where my siblings and I used to play. The road to one of houses we lived in had been a railroad track in the 1800s. The track was removed and a dirt road was build on the original bed long before we moved there in the late 1940s. In the second photo. the ribbon you see in the water is what remains of the road.

The first photo shows the northern end of the Marsh Pond, near the second house where we lived . We spent many hours fishing in the area. The wildlife is really flourishing. I wonder how the fishing is.........

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