Monday, August 08, 2005

Back To Normal

Things are almost back to normal at the Russo household. Mr. R has returned from a couple of months in the nursing home after breaking and dislocating his shoulder; he can feed himself and take care of more private manners. He still needs help with dressing and walking without his usual cane or walker is precarious. He has a hospital bed which allows him to get in and out of bed alone. He can sign his name again. At one point in the hospital, he had to sign a paper with an "X". I found that amusing and really ragged him about having a master's degree in education and signing his name with an x. He can't drive yet so I am sole chauffeur and errand-runner.

The cats are adapting to his return. Ryder, who usually serves as Lee's private nurse has not returned to duty. He still feels the need to punish Lee for leaving him; he'll need a few more days to warm up. Shasta is more interested in the different bed than the master's return, but of course, she's blonde. As for me, even after nearly forty-three years of marriage, I'm glad he's home.

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