Friday, January 20, 2006

Antique Dealers: Size A-A Or D-D?

  • I love looking for antiques. Show me an antique store and I'll show you a happy woman. I have decided over the years that antique dealers come in two sizes:
  • A-A for Arrange to Appreciate
  • D-D for Dump to Discover
    The A-As have breathtaking arrangements that force the antique seeker to appreciate the similar items selected for matching time period, colors, uses, whatever. The D-Ds just dump boxes, piles, stacks of unrelated items forcing the antique seeker to dig through everything to make his own exciting discovery. I haven't decided if one size suits all.


Anonymous said...

a lot of fun to find thing's other folk's have no need for.
so glad to have found this site, left Hornell 35 year's ago and I miss Hornell and my long lost friends. I hope you keep this site open. How is your husband making out?

Lillian said...

Dear Anonymous,

I have been spending a lot of time with my 90 year old mother at Hornell Gardens recently so I haven't been updating as I should.
I plan to keep this site open and I'm glad you read it.

My husband is hanging in there, trying to increase the range of use for his shoulder. It's a long process.

Are you aware of the Hornell Tribune website? My brother, who lives in Florida, reads it daily to keep up on local news.

Thanks again,

Lillian said...
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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the information on the Hornell Tribune website, I will get on it tonight. tell your husband not to despair, shoulders take a long time to heal as we get older but it will heal in time. thank you again for the website,