Friday, March 09, 2007

Let's Pretend

Remember when you were a kid playing with a sibling or friend? You wanted to play a new game and would say so. "Let's pretend to play school." "Let's pretend that we're in the jungle.""Let's pretend that I'm a giant." And so on. Most kids are very aware of what's real and what's fantasy.

Flash forward to adults. Which adult says "Let's pretend that this credit card is really cash."?Or "Let's pretend I'm sick so I can stay home from work." "Let's pretend I stopped at that stop sign." Notice how the labels are removed and the line between reality and fantasy disappears.

Move onward to the federal government. When they shout "Support our troops!" do they add "Let's pretend Walter Reed and V.A. hospitals take care of those who were harmed in the line of duty"? Guess not.

Once again it is Kids 1 Adults 0.

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