Saturday, April 28, 2007

Alec Baldwin: My Thoughts

I watched the Alec Baldwin interview on The View yesterday. I saw little regret and remorse but much rage and ego. Baldwin used that forum (and shame on Barbara Walters for letting it happen) to release another attack on his ex-wife, Kim Bassinger.

I know nothing about Bassinger. She may very well be a bad person and poor mother. I don't know. But I do know that Baldwin has lashed out in the past and directed rabid tirades at other people and in other situations. Unfortunately, his latest loss of control was directed at his own daughter.

He and Bassinger have made their daughter the bone of contention between them. Regretfully, the bone of contention in this case is a wishbone and they are both pulling it as hard as they can. Eventually, the bone will break and one of them will have the bigger piece. That really doesn't matter. The point is the bone is broken. That poor child.

On the program, Baldwin portrayed himself as a noble man capable of directing the rest of us in dealing with parental alienation. Step back, Baldwin, and look in the mirror! There you see the root cause of parental alienation. You'd better fix yourself before you try educating the rest of us.
P.S. Whadda I know?----I don't even know if his name is Alec or Alex.

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A "Mother of Two" said...

That is too bad cause I really like Alec!

He would be a really noble man if he kept his mouth shut no matter how tempting it is to bad-mouth his ex and child.