Thursday, July 19, 2007

A Great Lady Is Gone

I am going to paste in a post I wrote in over two years ago:

Sunday, May 08, 2005

A Great Mother
During my lifetime, I have been blessed to know many great mothers, but today I want to pay tribute to one, Erma Allen, my aunt by marriage but my mother by nurturing. She says that she was delighted to discover there were many children in his family when she married my uncle. She came from a family where there weren't many offspring. She immediately opened her home and heart to all of us, my siblings and cousins. Her quiet and gentle guidance was always there, along with her steadfast love, no matter how large a load she carried. What a lady and what a mother! I love you, Aunt Erma.
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Sadly, Aunt Erma passed away last night. Her great wit remained with her right up to the end. Two or three years ago, I went over to sit with my uncle so that Aunt Erma could go out with her dying sister. As I went up the steps leading to the kitchen, I fell flat on my face and acquired a spectacular black eye.

My sister was visiting her in the hospital a couple of days ago and told her that I wanted to be there but I couldn't walk that far in the hospital. She told Aunt Erma that she would pick me up Saturday and take her to her house (she was supposed to go home today). Aunt Erma said, "You tell Lillian she can fall into my kitchen anytime!"

I'm trying to remember those types of things about Aunt Erma. Otherwise, the grief will be overwhelming.

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