Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thoughts About Penicillin

To help me fight my second bout with bronchitis this year, the doctor prescribed a form of penicillin. My husband remarked about how inexpensive it now was (56 cents for 20 capsules) and that set off some memories I have of childhood encounters with penicillin.

Back in those days, as the scribes would say, penicillin was administered directly by our physician, in the form of injections. It was a really big deal if you had to have "a shot of penicillin." If you had to return to the doctor in a few days for a second "shot", that meant you were practically at death's door. Thankfully, perceptions have changed. It looks like recovery is possible now for only 56 cents.

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apples said...

We had to drink it from a bottle, white goo my mum kept in the fridge. It tasted just like pistachio ice cream, and I still can't stand the taste of that treat today. My mum said I had to drink it though, it would make me better, and I guess it did.

Ironically, she's both lactose intolerant and allergic to penicillin so she didn't have to have either :)