Saturday, December 12, 2009

Health Care Reform Need Brought Home

I recently had some major eye surgery for epiretinal membrane, otherwise known as macular pucker. Granted, it is a tough surgery because the area in question in inside the eye, on the backside. If you think of the eye as a basketball, imagine going through the front of the basketball to a little area on the inside of the back wall. I'm not questioning the complexity of the surgery but the hospital bill arrived today and I am questioning some of the costs.

The total hospital bill (not including the surgeon) was over $11,550 (for ambulatory surgery). Included in this bill is the cost for two Tylenols---$13.00, and a "head cover drape"---$72.40. Oh, and let's not forget the "skin scribe marking pen" used to put an X over the eye to be operated on for a price of $3.50. I could go on with comments for each item but that won't alter the costs or make me feel better.

Do I think we need health care reform? I'll let the the $13.00 Tylenol speak for me.

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ballantray said...

I jsu had the same surgery. I have yet to receive my bill. I wonder what my mask and marking pen will cost.
Was your surgery successful? Today, ten days after the surgery, I am blind for all practical purposes in the operated-upon eye. I can tell light from dark and the direction of the lightif my good eye is covered. The doctor assures me this cloudiness will clear up, but its maddening until it does.