Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Just Call Me Doc

I unwittingly stumbled across an interesting topic today. I had been curious about an acquaintance who had earned his Ph.D from Canterbury University. I was unfamiliar with that school so I googled it.

That's when things got interesting. First of all," Canterbury University" didn't show up but all these vague links appeared. Some of them wanted you to register with personal information. I finally located a "Comments" page where Canterbury was identified as a diploma mill by several people and one even provided the address of its web site. Of course, I've read of diploma mills but knowing someone with one of the degrees is a first..... I think.

Wow. If I want to have a Ph.D, all I have to do is invest $180 and wait a few days for all the documentation to arrive in the mail. You can call me Doc.

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