Monday, August 08, 2011

Just Rhetoric

You know how people are always saying things , like "Let us know if you need some help." Last week I decided that I needed help transporting a full sized scooter from inside our house to Leon's room at the nursing home. I thought of a guy I know who has a teenaged son and I thought the two of them could put the scooter on their truck and off-load it at the home.

So I called. No one answered the phone so I left a message. I thought I'd get a reply the next morning. I didn't. Okay, the next morning. I didn't. At that point, I decided they were on vacation. I waited a week. No reply. I waited a second week. No reply. This morning I ran into the spouse of the guy I called. They weren't on vacation.

I solved the transfer of the scooter by calling the local cab company. Two of their vans have ramps. They loaded and unloaded the scooter for me and charged eight bucks. I had planned pay the other guy $25.

I'm back to ignoring offers of help. Most of the time, they're just words.

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