Monday, June 13, 2005

Let Reason Reign

Due to a situation that is another story, we ended up living in a mobile home park. It was the best thing that could have happened to us. We've been here now for over four years and they have been wonderful years. Lately though, we have noticed a lot of discontent in the park and have made a few observations regarding why.

The park owners are a group removed from the area. To represent their interests on site, they hired two men; let's call them Bob and Jim. Bob and Jim live here in the park with the rest of us. Their job is to keep the park safe and clean for the residents and they do that by enforcing the park rules. The park rules were written by the park owners and must follow state law. You may read the state law on the internet. One of the laws does say that all rules and regulations must be enforced uniformly.

But let's keep this simple. The facts are:
  • Bob and Jim didn't make the rules but their job is to enforce them equally for all of us.
  • Without supervision, unhealthy and unsafe situations can arise quickly in a small community like ours. For example, trash on any site can attract rats that could affect all of us. Another example, cars improperly parked can create hazardous conditions that could affect walkers and drivers.
  • Bob and Jim are paid a set wage. What they earn does not depend on how many rules they enforce. But you can bet they would lose their jobs if they didn't enforce the rules.
  • I don't see Bob and Jim getting rich with this job. Prove it if you think otherwise. (What's the rumor I heard about them keeping the money for the dog fee? How stupid!)

Look around you, neighbors. We live in a beautiful setting, largely made possible by these two men who work hard with little thanks. Let's be reasonable. If you have a problem with the regulations, take it up with the people who made those regulations---the park owners. Your lease has all the contact information. Remember that old adage: don't kill the messenger. Join me in being grateful that we have very reasonable messengers. Thanks, Bob and Jim.

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