Thursday, July 21, 2005

Cerebral Dominance In Unexpected Places

Today I had my first long chat with a neighbor who is a veteran of both dialysis and a kidney transplant. Her matter-of-fact understanding and acceptance of her situation was inspiring. Her attitude seems to be one of "Well, this is the way things are and I might as well regard it as an adventure."

It was during that part of the conversation that she related that one of the things she had learned was that if you were left-handed, the new kidney was transplanted into the left side of your abdomen. She also said that the transplanted kidney was the left kidney of the donor.

I don't know if her understanding is standard medical practice. It makes sense and if it is true, doesn't it make you wonder about the genius of the person who figured out the importance of cerebral dominance even in transplanting organs? Wow.

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Mike G. Gaither said...

I am the recipient of a double transplant (kidney and pancreas), am right handed and my gifted kidney was placed on the left side of my abdomen.
It is my understanding that the condition of the vascularization to be used to "plumb" the new organ is the primary concern of the surgeons.