Saturday, July 16, 2005

Kiss My (Unbroken) Foot

A few weeks ago, my right foot started hurting. Maybe "hurting" is an understatement. It became downright difficult to walk, to sit, to sleep. The foot looked innocent enough. It was slightly swollen and slightly reddened on the side where the pain was centered. Finally, I realized that "walking the pain away" was not working.

I called the doctor's office. They told me to go to the emergency room and have it x-rayed. After twisting my foot into impossible positions (which should have broken anything not yet broken), the x-ray technician announced she had the films she needed and she wheeled me into a special area of the emergency room. The walls were lined with crutches of all sizes, plaster-of-paris, gauzes, splints, braces, etc. As I waited for the doctor to come in, I started imagining a grand cast that grew from covering just my foot to one that was basically a body cast. Just as I had moved on to selecting a set of crutches, the doctor came back and told me that my foot was not broken and that I was suffering from tendonitis.

Tendonitis, my foot! In fact, I almost suggested that the doctor kiss my.....foot. Fortunately, I kept my mouth shut and he wrote out a prescription for a powerful painkiller. The painkiller improved the pain but a few days later, my foot started to turn black and blue. Isn't that an unusual sympton for tendonitis?


Mama Mouse said...

I had tendonitis in my elbow for a couple of YEARS ... no black and blue marks EVER.

Now I'm not a doctor so draw your own conclusions from this ... the only time I've ever seen bruises on my body, including my feet ... was when I had INJURED it somehow! Sprain ... toe stubbing ... etc, etc. To get a bruise blood vessels must be broken somehow I think. Tendonitis is something different.

But then I'm not a doctor.

Pappy said...

I have a foot fetish, I would gladly kiss it!

Mackin with Pappy

Anonymous said...

More than likely the twisting during the exam and undue walking caused the bruising. Tendonitis is inflammation of the tendons, and whenever there is inflammation, there is the potential for bruising. Impacts and turns you don't think really have much force can rupture small blood vessels.

Frankly, the best treatment for tendonitis is rest of the affected area, ice, and probably nothing more intense than Advil. I'd probably call your primary care physician if you have more questions.


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