Sunday, April 17, 2005

My "Blonde" Cat

Not long after getting our white cat, Shasta, I came up with the theory that white cats are the equivalent of blondes. Just as the blonde who didn't make ice cubes because she didn't have the recipe, Shasta struggles through life without the benefit of a User's Guide. She tries to bury her food and water and never buries you-know-what. She has a hard time making decisions. Every day, it takes several tries of peering out the door before she decides to go out. But in spite of her difficulties, she is a devoted sidekick and I love her dearly.

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Bruce said...

How very odd. I got the same impression when I had a white cockatiel. She was always doing goofy things that none of my other birds ever did. One of her favorite "tricks" was to run into the center of a plate of hot fried rice, dance around for a bit like a child on hot sand, and then dash away.