Friday, March 25, 2005

Great Reading

I recently completed a very compelling book entitled Daughter of God by Lewis Perdue. It is classified as belonging to the thriller genre but contains enough factual material to appeal to the history buff, the religious buff and the art buff. Even more tantalizing is the theological issue raised: Daughter of God?

Behind the scenes is another fascinating story. Lewis Perdue claims that Dan Brown based his extremely popular book, The DaVinci Codes, on two of Perdue's books---Daughter of God and his earlier novel, The Da Vinci Legacy. To learn more about this controversy, click on the title of this post.


Gordon Herrick said...

I have read "The DaVinci Code". Everyone in our church has been upset by it. The clue is that it is fiction. As fiction it was good entertainment. It took rumors that had been around for centuries and spun them into a novel. The problem is that people take a novel and believe it is the truth. I'll have to read "Daughter of God" for its entertainment value also.

Lillian H Russo said...

A by-product of good fiction has always been to draw the reader in enough to make them wonder "what if?" . Invoking thought does not change a book from fiction to fact.