Thursday, March 31, 2005

A Plug for Cheesy Eddie's

The latest issue of my college alumni magazine, Geneseo Scene, featured an article about Geneseo student and faculty involvement with alumni to revitalize the South Wedge neighborhood in nearby Rochester, NY. One of the businesses discussed was Cheese Eddie's, recently purchased by two Geneseo graduates, John and Colleen Baker.

Colleen was my trainer when I was first hired by Unisys (actually Burroughs in those days) and later was one of my supervisors. Still later, when I was the trainer, she returned to Unisys from time to time to work as a consultant. So of course, I found the article to be quite fascinating.

Cheesy Eddie's has an exceptional reputation for cheesecake, carrot cake, wedding cake and all those other goodies that diabetics are not supposed to even think about. If you live near Rochester, stop in and test their wares. And even if you don't live nearby, you can order their cheesecakes to be shipped to you.

For some reason, I am unable to link this blog to their website but it is located at

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