Tuesday, March 15, 2005

A Visit to the Nursing Home

Today I went to the nursing home where my mother lives. I thought I was going there to give her some change but it turned out that it was for a totally different reason.

My mother wasn't in her room when I arrived and because it was warm, I decided to wait in the hall. At the end of the hall, a comfortable chair sat in front of the wall of windows and doors. As I was sitting there I noticed a patient slowly coming toward me in her wheelchair. A worker passed her and greeted her by name. The patient did not respond in any way. Finally she reached the wall where I was sitting; she parked her wheelchair so that she could look out the windows. I greeted her and remarked that even though the sun was shining, it was still quite cold outside. No response. I let a bit of time go by and then I made another comment. No response. Then all of a sudden, the lady asked me if I knew who owned the travel trailer parked within our sight. I answered that I did not but I had always wanted to take a trip in one. She asked me where I would go on such a trip and from then on, we had a wonderful and remarkable conversation which included both laughter and tears.

That was why I went to the nursing home today.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Lil...
how ya doing?

I havent been at work for awhile but I got your email so I decided to say hi...

talk to ya later