Thursday, March 17, 2005

My Wild Irish Cat

We once had a cat named Sean McIntire O'Russo and his name fit him to a tee. He had a temper and would brawl with any creature regardless of size. He had a daily routine of visiting selected neighbors; I called it his pub crawling. His best friend was a dog and Sean would stroll along beside whenever the dog was walked. What a sight it was, a little old lady, a scruffy dog and this arrogant cat. I know Sean swore because he was always stomping along, muttering under his breath. And aside from the tough persona presented to the rest of the world, he was a most gentle creature who had to get his cuddles from me before he could go to sleep at night. I miss you, Sean.

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Tiffany McCaffery said...

I read your story about Sean a couple of weeks ago and I keep thinking of it. Sean reminds me of my moms cat Ewok. She is such an indignant and snooty cat..but something about them makes them momrorable. I am highly allergic to animals but lately I have been wanting one....guess I will go by a fish! My experience with fish is that they are not that exciting...try...try again. Thanks for the story.