Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Mad Mama

Talk about overly-protective mothers! I found this picture at a neat site called Pet Humor.


Faira said...

I wonder what kind of cat it is?

TEN33GIRL said...

looks like me before I've had my coffee ;p

eYe Am Rüdiger said...

Reminds me of my beloved Tabitha,may she rest in peace. I still have 3 of the 5 total kittens she had raised in my abandond bedroom back when I was a young buck of just 18 years old. Her 3 crazy babies I call my own are getting to be old spinster cats, having celebrated their 12th birthday last February 6th.
Anyhow, what I am getting at was that moment in ones life in which respect for an animals strengths & capabilities becomes understood with unexpected brute force...You see, I was young and in the midst of having a few beers with a buddy listening to loud music, just hanging out. Well Tabitha was a new mother and wanted some peace and quiet while nursing her babies. My buddy had been nervously making rmarks all evening on how Tabitha was giving him threatning glances and he was scared that she might attack. Well seeing that Tabitha had a reputation as being a wild-n-wicked kind of cat, with her thick, long black fur and behind each of her ears the fur grew out as if flowing in the wind and was a whiteish/grey giving her an enchanting appeal that of a witch or a vampires familiar(usualy a cat). So with her reputation at that, ofcourse I humored myself by agreeing with and encouraging the concerns of my poor frightened friend. I was just fooling with him, egging it on for no more than a minute or two when...She charged full throttle out of her box over my buddies legs which scared him backwards knocking over my t.v. set and then Tabitha ran srtaight up my body latching a most terrifying grip of strength around my head covering my face! I will say, nothing, and I mean nothing compares to this sort of horrific display of raw maternal instinct when unleashed on your head! It took all of my might to tear her from my face throwing her into the wall only to have her spring right back from the wall with all fours and proceed to chase two young men, one seriously bleeding, screaming down the hall out the front door. My dad only questioned our behavior for a moment until he was chased out with us and receving sliced to hell legs along his way! One cat left 3 adult men standing on the front porch scared as hell to go back in, myself with blood dripping from my face & arms on to my shoes.
Being the animal lover I am, I without saying donated my bedroom to Tabitha & her kittens for the remainder of their kittenhood. Eventually Tabitha and I got over the trust issues and she resumed to her (our) old ways , with her sleeping throughuot the night currled up on my chest.
Sadly, she was taken by the tire of a car later in life...but I still enjoy the love of 3 cats who were in the room that frightfull night. ~My 'Stimpy','Funky' & 'Bälïèt'~