Monday, October 10, 2005

Wife or Wif?

After years of observing marriage, and also participating in it, I have decided the female plays one of two roles---wife or wif. What's the difference? It is obviously more than a missing letter.

I see a wife as an equal partner in the relationship and someone who sometimes gives and sometimes takes. She has opinions and preferences just like her husband does. He respects her and she respects him.

On the other hand, a wif (and no coincidence that it sounds similar to wimp) plays a completely subordinate role. She always gives and never takes. If she has opinions and preferences, she would not dare to reveal them, especially to her husband. He dominates her and she fears him.

If you are a wif, here's a news flash. The female in a marriage is no longer chattel, owned by the male. You have rights and there are plenty of people out there who will help you to claim them.

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Gordon said...

In the EFM (Education for Ministry from the University of the South Theological School) class I am teaching, my first year students have been discussing the Creation stories found in Genesis 1 and 2. In Genesis 1, God created man and woman at the same time (wife?) and in Genesis 2 God creates Eve from the rib of Adam (wif?). Do you suppose that whether you treat your spouse as a wife or a wif, or even if the female assumes the role of the wife or wif depends upon your theological point of view? I believe that even in Genesis 2 it is a wife - because Adam is not complete without Eve!